ADAMS™ – vehicle safety add-on

Advancing A.I. for Humanity

Advanced Driver Assistance and Monitoring System (ADAMS™) is an Intelligent Active Collision Mitigating Systems for ground vehicles. 


Why ADAMS™ ?

Collision of road vehicles is the most single significant reason for road accidents. Although drivers are licenses and trained to a degree but its human limit that stands for slower response to avoid collision on emergency scenarios. ADAMS is a collision avoidance system for automobile safety designed to reduce the severity of an accident using onboard sensors to detect an imminent crash and warning the driver early. ADAMS could also apply the brake and reduce vehicle velocity up-to 80% if the driver fails to brake within time.


ADAMS™ Intelligent Forward Sensing Systems

Provide robust sensing and tracking capability for safety and convenience functions. The forward facing camera information is feed into the cuttiing-edge computer vision algorithm based on Deep Neural Network. The A.I. system can detect cars, buses, trucks and pedestrians as well as uncommon vehicles like Rickshaw, CNG etc to meet the requirements of the road conditions in Bangladesh. The system detects potential threats in the frontal region and calculate their relative distance and speed to measure the TIme-To-Collision (TTC) period and provide visual and audible warning to the driver according to predefined sensitivity.

In Night scenarios, it is hard to detect vehicles due to very low light condition. Thus, ADAMS could sense vehicle headlights from 40 meters away and warns driver for necessary precautions. This unique and innovative solution could ease night time driving experience to a greater extent.

ADAMS™ Features


  • Forward Collision Warning: Provides audible and visual warnings on the 7” color touch screen. Displays potential collisions in seconds to impact
  • Lane Departure: Watches the road and alerts drivers in the event of accidental lane departure
  • Beep and Watch: When traffic flow stops, the ADAMS keeps watch and alerts the driver to resume driving once traffic begins to move, assistive for traffic jam conditions.
  • Secondary Camera: Includes interior mount, multi-purpose camera for rear event or interior occupant monitoring
  • Simple Calibration: Calibration is easily done via the touch screen, the only tool you need is a tape measure
  • Video and Event Recording: Automatic or manually activated front and rear audio and video recording from motion data along with GPS data. Includes a 32GB Micro SD card
  • Driver Performance Monitoring:  Monitors driving performance and skills to provide individual drivers performance index which is useful for owners to measure drivers performance and assign accordingly. Post-processing software included.
  • Location Data: Includes built-in GPS receiver for detecting vehicle speed and pinpointing event locations
  •  Fleet Owner Lock Screen: System has configurable touchscreen password protection to prevent vehicle drivers from disabling the system
  • Data exchange: Removable micro SD card for easy data transfer, optional cloud access.
  • Displays potential collisions in seconds to impact and tracks nearby objects like other vehicles, pedestrians etc.
  • Voice Alert: Real-time voice alert for deeper situational awareness as a driver friendly system.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring:  Users can track their vehicle location   data and driver’s performance equipped with this device in real-time over the Web.
  • Brake assist Add-On:  With advanced LiDAR sensor along with camera, the system detects any potential collision in course and automatically apply brake to reduce velocity up-to 80% if the driver fails to brake within time.
  • All weather: A more reliable solution than ADAMS Basic, LASER scanner keeps an eye on besides the camera during foggy/rainy or extreme weather conditions.


Road accidents solved: ADAMS Pro literally solves the road accident problem just like the self-driving cars without replacing drivers.



  • Collision warning for drivers to reduce reaction time.
  • Automatic emergency braking in case of drivers failure to react in time.
  • Pedestrian detection and avoidance
  • Useful for long route nightshift bus or truck drivers to overcome drowsiness keeping them alert no matter the driver is drunk or drowsy.
  • Saving valuable lives of people and vehicles.
  • Once installed, no regular maintenance required, only yearly checkup or software update.
  • Costly vehicle owners could be relaxed with their assets.
  • Passengers on long highways could feel safe both at day and night.


ADAMS could be a third eye to the drivers.

Human could make mistakes, machines don’t.

Say no to road-accidents.

#SIGMIND is launching “Advanced Driver Assistance and Monitoring System (ADAMS)” for pre-order. Our warm thanks to the ICT Division and Hon’ble State Minister for his help and support on the developments.

ADAMS™ is now available for pre-order. Book your quest now!