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Sigmind is the very first Artificial Intelligence research group and technical solution provider in Bangladesh. As of many exclusive A.I. products we have to offer, now we are about to offer our revolutionary customer service chatbots for small business and e-commerce solutions.
If u are unfamiliar with chatbot, for short, its a conversational agent powered by Artificial Intelligence that could reply to customer demands and queries, automatically, 24/7. You can check our company fb page message us to get instant reply from our chatbot. No need smartphone apps, bots takes customer information just by chatting. Customers could be engaged in chat via facebook, messenger or telegram and order easily through interactive instant conversation session. Our bot profile-
Its so easy to setup such chatbot for business pages to reach customers easily and manage them in short time. It could also replace some humans on ur business but its worth because our chatbots are intelligent, very responsive and available all the time.

You can also check  our Food chatbot service named as Qui-jinn for Messenger and Telegram








For E-commerce shops, we can build chatbots with the following features:
  • 1. Intelligent and smart to customer queries.
  • 2. Very responsive, replies within 1 min or less.
  • 3. Show food menu on chat screen and remember preferences.
  • 4. Takes order and customer location to manage deliveries.
  • 5. Replace at least 3 customer service humans who are not available 24/7.
  • 6. Easy and fun to use.
You can also see a demo of our shopping chatbot on Youtube :
If you are interested to see more demo of our chatbots, please don’t hesitate to contact us back. Like our Facebook page- to tinker with our chatbot.

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To get custom solution for your business, set up your chatbot right now. We are offering ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ chatbots with integration to your business sites and social pages. For additional information and pricing, please contact- or