Advancing A.I. for Humanity

Advanced Driver Assistance and Monitoring System (ADAMS
™) , an Intelligent Active Collision Mitigating Systems for ground vehicles,has been selected as one of the top twenty startups in STARTUP BANGLADESH CHALLENGE 2017.It is a great recognition for our hard work and we are very proud to announce that we are now the member of Innovation Design Entrepreneurship Academy,supported by ICT DIVISION of the People’s Republic of BANGLADESH.
This triumph will help us to fulfill our vision of ensuring road safety and eradicate
road accident from Bangladesh.


Previously, SIGMIND has been recognized as within TOP 50 Startups on the very first Government initiative, the Connecting Startups Bangladesh. This allows us to incubate with the government startup accelerator at Software Technology Park, Janata Tower where mentor ship is provided.

SIGMIND has also been enlisted on the Inception Program by NVIDIA which recognizes top AI startups around the world providing virtual incubation and support.