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VOTECHAIN is an innovative e-voting app for any organization conducting secure voting with ease without ballot papers. The app runs on any Android tablet which can be used as electronic voting machine. Electronic voting has been criticized for long for issues with its security. With VOTECHAIN, the days are over since the app is embedded with latest Blockchain based secure voting system. Each voting machine (tablets) equipped with the VOTECHAIN app works as a distributed server with encrypted ledgers on the cloud rather than a single server which is prone to hacking. Moreover, secure voter identification system embedded on the app makes it ideal for any election to be conducted securely with convenience for both voters and authorities.

VOTECHAIN app integrates some key pieces of latest technologies together to make a tamper proof voting system. Some key features are the followings:

1. Fingerprint, Facial recognition and EMV smartcard interface for secure identification
2. Easy and convenient voting – touchscreen interface on 8~10 inch tablet
3. Only 2 steps to vote – punch ID and tap desired logo – viola!!!
4. Embedded “Blockchain” for secure voting entry
5. Real-time vote count and server update
6. Anomaly detection and notification
7. Distributed server – hack proof
8. High speed data communication with distributed servers
9. No central server required, but could be installed for backup
10. Runs on onboard rechargeable battery for upto 10 hours



Advantages over traditional EVM systems:

1. Saves time for research and manufacturing of extra hardware
2. Battery fail-safe
3. Distributed Blockchain ledger resists hacking
4. Improved identity confirmation
5. Real-time monitoring on web server
6. Black box solution

The VOTECHAIN app embedded on any tablet works as a standalone secure voting system with a cost less than traditional EVMs.


We have no plan to publicly distribute the app rather our primary client is different constitutional organizations and election conducting authorities who want a secure, hassle free, tamper proof reliable electronic voting solution. Thus, we wish to distribute the app as a solution rather than a service. Election authorities could contact us with their requirements and we will provide the solution with their requirements. For example, if the Election Commission wants to conduct the National Parliament Election with VOTECHAIN, we can provide the required number of tablets pre-installed with the VOTECHAIN app.
Moreover, if any agency or authority wants to conduct their internal elections with security and reliability in mind, we could provide the devices pre-installed with the VOTECHAIN app as a package solution for rent. We would also like to provide technical support and maintenance for the devices we provide.

So, basically, the solution is for selected clients with two ways to integrate:
1. Providing the voting machine (i.e . Tablet) equipped with the app as a solution.
2. Renting the voting machine equipped with the app as a solution for a fixed amount of time.


For more information on our innovative VOTECHAIN e-voting solution, contact us at