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Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics for Classification and Prediction

Computer Vision

Deep Learning technologies for Computer Vision Applications

Natural Language Processing

Getting intent of your Language for Intelligent Conversational Agents

Smart ioT and Intelligent Robotics

Hardware Solution for smart ioT and Intelligent Robotics

Some of our cutting-edge products

We provide affordable HPC Datacenter solutions

We provide HPC solutions for Hyper-scale datacenters as well as  academic institutions to accelerate A.I. research and deployment with infinite scalability and superior advantages over traditional CPU based datacenters. The hardware includes Tesla GPU based accelerators at up-to 50% discounted price and DGX-1 supercomputer server at up-to 15% discount.

Services and Solutions

Data Analytics

We provide predictive insight from your data, either you need classification or predictive analytics or mining our deep learning based solutions offer greater meaning from stack or time series data.

Home and Industrial Automation

We provide Microcontoller and FPGA based Home or Factory Automation services.

Internet of Things

We also provide automation on the cloud through ioT products like Smart home control systems.

Security Camera Intelligence

Our revolutionary product WATCHCAM let your connected cameras be smart to detect, analyze and monitor suspects while providing real-time notification

Driver Assistance and Monitoring

Our innovative product ADAMS could provide visual and audible warning to the driver in potentially dangerous situations.


Our BOTTOLA can help you integrate chatbot based solutions to automate customer queries as well as doing e-commerce on Messenger or Web platforms.


VoteChain ensures secure and convenient electronic voting solution for small to large scale organizations to conduct hassle free tamper proof reliable voting.

Limb Clinic

  • Our Affordable prosthesis for hand amputees.
  • Our Mobile vision technology let blind peoples see.

Research and Publications

We have world class research projects and publications regarding Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based solutions.

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Advancing A.I. for Humanity

We are in the era of neuro-cognitive machine intelligence where robotics and A.I. come together to revolutionize the way we are living in the future that is shaped by our effort. Thus we are putting some dent on the universe by inventing latest technologies to solve some of the greatest challenges for humanity.

Our Team

The founder is an expert in Mechatronics, Robotics and A.I. along with some talented engineers from Computer Science and Electronics engineering field is fueling our passionate pursuit for implementing A.I. based solutions to solve some of the greatest challenges.

Are you ready to put a dent on the universe? Let us know !

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