Advancing A.I. for Humanity

Computer Technology Careers

Communications technology, also known as information technology, refers to almost all equipment and programs that are utilized to process and communicate information. Hence, a brief history of the computer and of computing will be central to that of information science plus technology, providing a thread by which to keep bearing while exploring the widening maze of disciplines and subdisciplines that claim information as their subject matter.

The Computer Technology program leads to a co-employee in Applied Science degree, and it is coordinated by the Math, Engineering plus Computer Science (MEC) department. Help fight criminal offense or keep a corporation operating efficiently with a degree from Purdue’s computer and information technology program.

Computer network architects style and build data communication systems, including local area networks (LANs), broad area networks (WANs), and Intranets. (chiefly in science fiction) computer technology where the brain is linked to artificial systems, or even used as a model for synthetic systems based on biochemical processes. minecraft

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