About Us

Advancing A.I. for Humanity


We are in the era of neuro-cognitive machine intelligence where robotics and AI come together to revolutionize the way we are living in the future. To make it more accelerated and public friendly, we are working on putting research hours to bring the holy grail of deep artificial intelligence for practical real world engineering applications to ease human life.

SIGMIND is the very first Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research group and engineering solution provider in Bangladesh. Our research group and developer team are working hard to invent ground-breaking solutions for complex problems to advance humanity. We are also collaboratively working on some open source projects from some of the top AI research giants like Google Deepmind, Microsoft, Facebook etc to share different software and hardware resources and knowledge base. SIGMIND is the only member on NVIDIA Inception Program from Bangladesh which recognizes top A.I. startups around the world, providing Virtual Incubation supports.
The company is currently putting efforts to develop and market some innovative products with latest Computer Vision and Natural Language processing technologies powered by A.I. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of researchers, developers and marketeers have strong expertise for some of the hottest applications of A.I. such as Deep Learning, Mechatronics, Robotics and Unmanned systems, Industrial Automation, Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics and NLP based Conversational Agents etc.

SIGMIND has been recognized as one of the TOP 50 members on the very first Government Initiated Connecting Startups Bangladesh which facilitates incubation support on Hi-Tech Park at Janata Tower. The company has also been recognized as one of the TOP 20 startups on the ‘Startup Bangladesh’ program which recognizes and supports top growing tech startups in Bangladesh. Also added as a member of the Government Initiative “Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy” project. Very recently, the company has been awarded as the second runner-up on Startup category in the National ICT Award 2017 Bangladesh. As we are moving forward to an A.I. first world, we are innovating solutions to solve some toughest challenges to bring fruitful applications of the technology with the slogan “Advancing A.I. for Humanity”.

The true potential application of AI come in frontier very recently until 2006 with the development of deep neural autoencoder. Furthermore, after 2012, deep neural network has been revolutionizing state-of-the-art machine learning application with the help of GPU processing. After 2013, deep reinforcement learning played extraordinary performance in classic Atari games which brings the first step towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). And we are working for the milestone when AGI instantly run towards Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) within few decades.

Our long term mission is to accelerate the race and bringing it down to public fruitful use, thus potentially diverting the hype of creating monster machines.