EcoDrop™ – Pure Drinking Water from Air !!

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Introducing EcoDrop™, our Smart Atmospheric Water Generator Machines for home.


Due to the heavy demand of pure drinking water in tropical countries like Bangladesh during years, we have developed atmospheric water generator machines to meet residential user demand of pure drinking water. Our machines can deliver  household demands to residential aerial demand and remote solar irrigation needs.

EcoDrop™ AWG machine makes pure drinkable water out of air with minimal energy consumption. The water collected by the condensation of moving air through  coils and purified in 5 stage RO and UV filtration to deliver up-to 99% pure drinking water on demand.

Thus ultra cheap pure water is available on demand, approx. 3Tk /Liter only compared to high cost of bottled water (20Tk/Liter)! Surprisingly, the machine cost is one time and would be covered up from 6 months to 2 years and pure mineral water could be available for 1.5 Tk per litre !!


  • Different capacity models – 20/40/60/100/ 120 Liters per day
  • Plug and play , water available anytime on-demand
  • No dependency on municipal or boiled water
  • Ultra pure drinking water by industry standard 5 stage RO and UV filtration
  • Pressurized reservoir tank, Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
  • Mineralized tasty water, TDS level < 25 PPM
  • Safer than commercial bottled water
  • Fully automatic system with touch user interface
  • Low energy consumption and noise level
  • Service life 5to 8 years, Low maintenance

EcoloBlue_Atmospheric_Water_Generator.jpg.600x315_q90_crop-smart AWG-30-HO-High-Res-copy

Technical Specifications:


(24 hr)

20L 40L 60L 100L 120L
Rated Power 500W/300W 900W/450W 2300W 2800W 3000W
Reserve tank 8L 16L 20L 30L 40L


220/240 220/240 220/240 220/240 220/240
Water Pressure 0.15-0.4MPa 0.15-0.4 MPa 0.15-0.4 MPa 0.5-1.0 MPa 0.5-1.0 MPa
Refridgerant R-134a (CFC free) R-134a (CFC free) R-22 (CFC free) R-22 (CFC free) R-22 (CFC free)
Net Weight 15kg 25kg 35kg 60kg 80kg
Working Temp(deg) 5~45 5~45 5~45 5~45 5~45
Working Humidity

(% RH)

40~80 40~80 40~90 40~95 40~95
 Dimensions LxWxH


 20x22x32  24x26x36  custom 26x32x48  custom

We are providing solution for both household water demand as well as residential central systems.

EcoDrop™ AWG machines are perfect solutions to your healthy need of pure drinking water on demand. No dependency on supply water or boiling it. Clean mineral water is handy on demand from you EcoDrop™ machine. Even if the machine is out of electricity, its internal pressurized reservoir tank can provide storage pure water from 8 to 40 liters according to different models.

EcoDrop™ is proudly manufactured in Bangladesh under our expert knowledge and motivation of providing affordable solution for mankind.

Exclusive features:

  1. Fully automated operation.

2. Remote Smartphone app interface (optional)

3. Easy maintenance with available filter options. Maintenance and checkup cycle 1 time per year.

4. Service life 5 to 8 years, possibly produce total 2,92,000 liters pure drinking water from air.

5. Machine cost is one time, covers the cost from 18 to 24 months producing pure mineral water at a cost of only 3tk per liter after that.


*Picture is for demonstration purpose only. Actual product view might vary within mentioned specifications.

We are taking pre-orders for the “EcoDrop M-100L” model at the following pricepoint:

We can use the same machineries at low cost for larger purchase volumes.


 7,00,000 BDT (1~4 units , Lead time 1-2 weeks)

6,00,000 BDT (5~15 units , Lead  time 2-4 weeks )

5,00,000 BDT (15+ units , Lead time 4+ weeks)

warranty*Including 1 year service warranty

** Optional Solar Panel




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