Advancing A.I. for Humanity

bitcoin exchangesElectronic ring or “eRing” is the first of its kind, an electronic wearable input device that lets users convert their handwriting gestures from fingers into digital text format to save on their gadgets or on the cloud. It could be paired with smartphones, smartwatches or PC to input text data or to control cursor. The gadget itself is a small wearable electronic device consisting of a powerful microcontroller with motion sensor, battery and wireless connectivity packed into a small ring to wear in one finger. Users can train their own handwriting gestures by drawing letters in the air while wearing the device. The sophisticated built-in pattern recognition engine captures the handwriting and recognizes individual letters during use. This patent pending technology of the A.I. era could revolutionize human-computer interaction as a remote non-contact user input device for all types of people, specially blind/disabled persons as sign language interpreter.

eRing prototypic concept design (visually similar to Oura Ring but technically a lot more advanced)

Two distinct versions of the device would be launched on the market, the basic one needs a smartphone app or bluetooth dongle paired together and the other one consists of an on-board wifi module for storing handwriting data as digital text format on the cloud. Users can train the “eRing” to recognize their individual handwriting pattern by writing just one sentence multiple times – “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in both capital and small letter format. The sentence contains all of the English alphabets to train the pattern recognition system accurately. Alphanumeric digits should be trained separately. After training, they can input texts on their desired devices using the gadget by finger gestures drawn in any 3D space. Users can also train and capture some special commands like initiating text input, blank space, new line. full stop etc according to their convenience.

The eRing is currently being developed and tested for final production. It would be available by Q2 2018. Keep yourself updated by the news!