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Toll Plaza Automation Solution

SIGMIND is introducing ground-breaking Toll Plaza Management solution powered by Artificial Intelligence. The solution is an extension of our innovative WATCHCAM Surveillance Solution.

Innovative Features:
1. Automatic vehicle detection, classification, tracking and counting using AI based Computer Vision technologies.
2. 13 Classes of vehicles could be classified e.g. Trailer, Heavy Truck, Medium Truck, Big Bus, Mini Truck, Power Tiller/ Tractor, Mini Bus / Coaster, Microbus, Pickup, Sedan Car, CNG / Auto Rickshaw, Motor Cycle, Rickshaw/ Bicycle.

3. Automatic License Plate Recognition System for all types of vehicles.

4. Vehicles are registered as per vehicle class, track ID, License Plate and Timestamps.

5. Ability to operate in two modes: Online (real time connection to the camera), Offline
(video files)
6. Ability to use different video sources including all standard types of IP Cameras in day/night mode.
7. Ability to provide applicable reports in different forms, including charts, tables, and MS Excel files

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