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Introducing TxRx™ smartcard, the world’s first true contact-less Smart Card for cloud banking!!

What is TxRx™ smartcard?

„A smart banking card, that allows users anywhere pay virtually to any payment systems through wifi connectivity. The card is a standalone wifi enabled device in the size slightly elegant than regular credit card, but a way lot more powerful than traditional cards. It contains standalone wifi chip and microcontroller along with flexible e-ink display, battery and backside solar panel for charging.

„ Users could send and receive payments through peer-to-peer communication between cards or direct payment through cloud payment services with wifi coverage, much like mobile banking systems i.e bKash, QCash etc but its more compact in size and ultra portability makes it convenient for everyday use.

„The most unique feature of this card would be it doesn’t require swiping to ATM or terminals, it is itself smart enough to provide wifi connectivity to cloud in areas where wifi network available (almost everywhere now a days) or one may turn their Android or iPhone as the transaction terminal via WiFi tethering.

Problems solved by TxRx™ smartcard

„We are trying to solve the most fundamental issues with carrying paper cash or exchange it with a long term vision of replacing money with virtual money.

„Paper cash is fragile, prone to aging loosing physical quality and contain germs. After the beginning of coin exchange system, small improvements has been made to make money virtual but its not yet popular among lower income countries.

„Credit or debit smart card users could get enormous flexibility in cash transaction to others or stores. With a click of buttons on smartcard, they can send or receive virtual cash from their bank account to merchant account and vice versa.

„Thus it would be the most hassle free way of cash transaction replacing bank card or mobile banking.

How is the TxRx™ smartcard different?

In 1968  German inventors patent combination of plastic cards with micro chips. Since then, no attempt has been made to embed Wifi system-on-chip on a compact smartcard. There are several blutooth or nfc enabled smartcards there in the market, but the TxRx smartcard™ is fundamentally different and simplest of all. The smartcard is nothing but a compact battery and solar powered communication device with secure biometric identity detection. We are planning to manufacture the smartcard with additive manufacturing, reducing development time and cost significantly.


Challenges and Solutions

One very significant challenge we faced is to find small scale microchip to employ Wifi connectivity. Thanks to Particle Photon X1 module, a system-on-chip WiFi module with 120 MHz ARM Cortex microcontroller on a very compact package.

The chip handles both high speed wifi connectivity to the cloud, while interacting with user in real-time.

Powering the device ecosystem on a compact and small footprint is a major issue but eolved with 0.5 mm ultra thin flexible Li-po rechargeable batteries.

Flexible and thin 0.2 mm solar panel embossed on the rear side of the card, constantly charging the battery.

Thin plated fingerprint film also embossed on rear side for biometric verification, a unique feature for the smartcard.

E-ink display provides bi-stable display output consuming a tiny amount of power.

Capacitive touch interaction for cloud management.

Our Customers

Our Customers

We are currently planning on launching  three versions for targeted customers—

1.SmartCard Basic – 3000 BDT

For students and smart peoples

  1. SmartCard Pro –  6000 BDT

For corporate and high income professionals

  1. SmartCard Ultra – 10000 BDT

For business tycoons and aristocrats

Our TxRx smartcard™ cloud server will free for transaction between peers.


Hardware Specifications

  1. 1. Low power System on Chip (SoC) WiFi module with 120 MHz ARM Cortex microcontroller.
  2. Bi-stable monochromic E-paper display (1.43”)
  3. Flexible and rechargeable ultra-thin Li-po battery.
  4. Flexible thin solar panel on backside, provides charging the system without power.
  5. User accessible capacitive touch panel with numeric keypad, for interacting with the system
  6. Biometric fingerprint module, to lock/ unlock the system.
  7. High gain Wifi antenna embedded on the front side.

On software side, the  chip inside the card allows uses to access the Cloud banking service developed by us in IBM Bluemix server, secure, fast and reliable.

As no banking info of user account is stored on the card, the card is virtually decoupled from user bank, it only allows to communicate with the bank and exchange money virtually.

Could communicate with smartphones through the TxRx smartcard app.


For more info, mail us: info@sigmindai.net