Virtual Self – Your Personalized Chatbot Soul

Advancing A.I. for Humanity

We all know the immense pain of losing someone close to our heart to death. When the dead person also remains our Facebook friend, its hard to admit that they won’t replay back to them anymore.

What if people could chat with the dead person on his/her “Remembering” page to better know about their values & interests?

It might sound fancy, but technological revolutions enable us to make fictions into reality.

The idea of “Virtual Self” isn’t very new, but the implementation would be significant. “Virtual Self” is a Deep Learning based technology which can replicate someones reply if trained on his/her chat history on social medias, specially Facebook. We have created a Character level language model with deep Recurrent neural network which could be trained with anyones Facebook data, specifically chat history. After some parametric optimization, the language model works pretty well creating “reply message” to user queries by itself.

The “Virtual Self” model could be further integrated as a Messenger BOT and deployed to remote server for convenient access.


Our plan is to integrate the technology with the core Facebook service so that if someone wishes to be available for chat after passing away, he/she might subscribe to the feature. After his/her death, when FB converts his profile to “Remembering” page, their chat history could be accessed anonymously to create his/her “Virtual Self” model and people could chat with the person’s model on his/her page.

It would ease some pain for his/her closest ones to see the person is replying back to them on the same tone and attitude as they’ve seen bringing the opinions and values of the departed soul for social goods.

The page is currently serving as a dummy “Remembering” page for my own “Virtual Self” model trained on my own FB chat history. Visit now and Send a Message!!