WATCHCAM – Intelligent Surveillance Solution

Advancing A.I. for Humanity

For the past couple of years, SIGMIND has been working on cutting-edge computer vision technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence to develop suitable end-user products that solves real-world problems.

You must have known that existing CCTV/IP cameras installed are not capable of real-time crime monitoring and lacks facial recognition features. Those cameras require a lot of human forces to monitor who are not available 24/7. Moreover, due to the lack of instant incident detection and crime reporting features, those cameras could not prevent crime from happening.

With an aim for a complete surveillance automation, we have developed WATCHCAM, an Intelligent Real-Time Video Analytic solution to prevent crimes by detecting and notifying incidents from camera feeds. We have integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects, faces, firearms in real-time from multiple camera feeds on its powerful server. The system have some innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis.

 WATCHCAM Surveillance Solution innovative unique features:

  • Round the clock security – 24/7 without human intervention
  • Motion, Object & Clear or Masked Face Detection at high speed
  • Facial and other biometric feature recognition at 99.35% accuracy
  • Crowd analysis for mass monitoring and control at ease (Head count, Body count etc)
  • Database profiling and matching from thousands of criminal faces on the fly
  • Real-Time Crime Control (RTCC) via Instant Notifications through Alarm/SMS/E-mail
  • Real-Time Search Surveillance (RTSS) – Search through multiple cameras for objects with
  • specific colors, perfon with specific facial attributes and facial profile
  • Criminal activity prediction from body gestures and faces
  • Generate organized log-file easy interpretetion of large volume data
  • Connected camera intelligence for robust surveillance within hundreads of cameras
  • Supports both General or PTZ cameras : Auto tracking support on PTZ with 3 modes
  • Forensic footage analysis: Analyzes hours of footage in minutes, Auto suspect detection
  • Intelligent traffic monitoring solution (Add-on) with Vehicle classification, counting etc.

 The manpower required for monitoring a large number of cameras are huge, but if those cameras are connected to WATCHCAM server, the workforce would reduce drastically. The system could also reduce the workforce of law enforcements agencies to detect and locate criminals.
WATCHCAM Intelligent RT Video Analytic Solution could effectively reduce criminal incidents and enhance citizen security to a greater extent. We could pilot the system with 10 to 100 cameras and deploy the solution on server for unlimited number of cameras according to server capacity.
The WATCHCAM software could be extended for Intelligent Traffic Management System (iTMS) for Traffic Management.
 WATCHCAM-iTMS could drastically add complete automation as well as improving traffic management efficiency in grater extent.
Key Features:
i.Graphical User Interface for easy monitoring and management
ii. Multiple camera support (IP/PTZ/Speed/Thermal etc)
iii. Vehicle detection and tracking
iv. Vehicle classification and counting
v. Lane Violation Detection
vi. License plate detection and Recognition
vii. Vehicle speed and flow rate measurement
viii.Searching through multiple cameras for specific vehicle colors and number plates
ix. Instant notification Onboard (Visual & Audible) or Remote (E-mail/SMS)
x. Footage and object data capture and archiving for further use cases